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Project goals and objectives
The Jean Monnet Chair in European Health, Environmental and Food Safety Law (HEALTHY) aims to promote excellence in teaching and research on European Union studies at the University of Salerno, and to improve its teaching offer by introducing open, innovative, and multidisciplinary courses on EU health and environmental law and food safety legislation.
The rationale for this proposal to the European Commission was that the University of Salerno did not yet offer to its students the opportunity to specialize in these substantive areas of European law, despite the fact that health, environmental and food safety legal regulations have cross-sector relevance for the study programs of several faculties in both the science and the humanities areas, including study programs at different levels (both bachelor and master degrees) in the areas of medicine, pharmacy, engineering, biology. This Chair aims at filling such a gap with horizontal beneficial effects for the host institution as a whole .
The Chair also has the potential to reach other categories of advanced learners, such as PhD students, students in Master 2 courses, participants to specialization courses, as well as healthcare and environmental professionals, lawyers and civil servants, who will be involved in specific training activities.

Against this background, the Chair’s main goal is to provide opportunities for students and workers to develop a wide range of skills and competencies transferable to a variety of professions. To this end, teaching activities will be structured according to the specific needs of the target learners and tailored in such a way as to meet the relevant educational objectives and the relevant labour market needs (healthcare professions, green jobs, food industry).

Another major goal is to promote legal research in topical fields lying at the insersection of health, environment and food, while encouraging and mentoring young researchers in European Union studies related to these areas of investigation.
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