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Research project: "New frontiers in environmental health"


Public health is affected by a whole range of environmental factors - including air, soil and water pollutants, food contaminants, chemicals, electronic wastes, etc. - that account for a significant proportion of disease in both industrialised and developing countries.
This project will foster an in-depth  cross-sectorial and multidisciplinary research on the new challenges posed to public health by the agents of environmental disease. It will focus on the basic concepts of ecology, environmental epidemiology and toxicology, environmental policy and regulation, and environmental health ethics in order to better address legal issues concerning food safety, air and water pollution, waste disposal, energy production, adverse effects of climate change, environmental disasters, environmental crimes and their impact on public health and food safety, risk assessment and communication, and legal remedies.
Given its broad scope, this project will enhance a closer cooperation between researchers of different academic and cultural backgrounds from the various faculties of the University of Salerno, as well as postgraduate students and young professionals. It will also encourage cooperation with foreign academic and professional experts in the field, especially the members of the advisory board of the “Observatory on Human Rights: Bioethics, Health, Environment” of the University of Salerno. Other Jean Monnet Chair holders will be invited to participate in order to strengthen scientific cooperation and exchange of good practices. The project will be developed also in cooperation with officers and experts working in international institutions and organizations engaged in the fields of health and the environment, such as the European Commission’s DGs SANTE and ENV, EFSA, WHO (and WHO Europe), Europol, Interpol, UNICRI, etc.


The results of this project will be published in a volume collecting expert essays on topical legal aspects of environmental health in European and international law. The book will be published by an outstanding international academic publisher and will be distributed through their international channels. Expected publication date: mid-2019.
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